Shipping per country

Please pay attention! We do our utmost to send you good products in the best possible way, so please be patient. Below is a table you can see which countries we deliver to. You will also see the shipping time per country!

CountryDelivery time
The Netherlands1 workday
Belgium1 to 2 working days
Germany2 to 3 working days
United Kingdom2 to 3 working days
France (incl. Corsica and Manoca – excl. Andorra)2 to 4 working days
Spain (incl. Balearic Islands – excl. Canary Islands)3 to 5 working days
Austria3 to 5 working days
Denmark2 to 3 working days

Shipping costs

In addition to the costs of the beautiful exclusive orchid, there are of course also shipping costs. These will be to your account at cost. When you have completed the order, you will see what costs will be added for the shipment.